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I’m rubbish, I really am…

I don’t know how it’s happened, but my life seems to be completely taken over. I know that having a baby is a full time job, and that it is meant to be all consuming, but I thought I might get some time to myself. And I did – for a while! Then I went back to work, and I managed to carry on for a while. I still managed to read other people’s blogs, comment on them and write my own posts! But now, I’ve just checked my blog and realised that I’ve not written anything since Sept 22nd! Awful! I’m truly rubbish at the blogging malarkey! I want to be better, I really do. And I promise to try.

How do other people manage it though? I wake up at 6ish, just about have time to get myself awake before the little one wakes up. I give him his bottle, and get him changed/dressed. I manage to get myself dressed and try to have something for breakfast while keeping an eye on him (which is increasingly difficult now he’s pulling himself up on things and trying to walk!). I also have to make myself some lunch and sort out the little one’s bottles and lunch to take to the childminders. I usually just about get him to the childminders before 8 (he should be there by 7.30) and get to school just before the bell goes!

By time I get home it’s time for giving the little lad his tea, bath, bottle then to bed. I then tidy the house – which usually looks like the ‘baby baby’ house which Sandy describes as a scene from Home Alone! Cook dinner, eat dinner, mark some work, plan some lessons. Try to have a bath. Then fall in to bed! Where am I supposed to fit in blogging? I try to catch a quick look at other people’s blogs at lunchtime, or during my free periods, but whenever I have a good idea for a comment or a blog post of my own I just run out of time!

I’m only doing this one because I’ve decided that we don’t need dinner today!


1 down lots and lots to go!

Today was my first teaching day at school. After the 2 training days yesterday I was very worried about actually teaching a lesson. I couldn’t really remember what I was supposed to be doing.

It went OK! Not too bad. In fact the kids were actually very well behaved, and they were ‘mostly’ a pleasure to teach.

Now I’m knackered! I have a glass of wine in my hand, but struggling to have the energy to drink it. I have a hot bath run, but can’t face walking the short distance to get in it. I just want to go to bed.

Well, day off tomorrow. Quick someone get me the calendar – how many days til half term?