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Where does the time go?

I’m struggling to keep things going! I just about have time to get to work and sort out the little one. I then have to find time to sort out the house. So I apologise for not getting anything written on here for ages. I promise I will try to keep on it better!

Obviously with all that stuff keeping me busy what do I plan for Saturday? A day at a health spa with my Mum. A worthwhile use of my precious time?!? Totally!!! The boy is staying at home with Daddy, so I have a whole day to spend with my Mum. It’ll be great, I can’t wait. It will be a welcome break. And hopefully I’ll get home to a nice clean/tidy house! I can but dream!

I will post soon to tell you all the story of booking my spa day! Got a little stressful at times. But don’t have the time to go in to it all now!