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It’s been a long week

This week has been tiring! Not just because I started teaching again. But it’s just felt like it’s gone on for years.

The little one still seems to be loving his childminder – in fact he seemed very put out on Tuesday and Friday when he was at home. I ended up having to take him out all afternoon on both days because he was getting very bored of just being with me. But oh well, I’m sure that will calm down a bit once he’s got his head around the home days and childminder days, let’s hope so anyway. He still gives me wonderful smiles, hugs and kisses when I pick him so I know he still loves me.

Teaching itself is actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I was nervous that the kids would play up, and that I wouldn’t know how to deal with the naughty ones anymore. But do you know what, I think I’m a better teacher at the moment. Not sure if it’s because I feel refreshed – and a lot happier – after having a good break from it, or whether I now have a lot more patience because of living with a small baby. But whatever it is the kids seem to like it, and the lessons seem to be a lot more enjoyable – for me and the students. Let’s hope it continues.

No, I think the reason I feel so shattered is because I’ve felt like I’ve been ‘on duty’ all day every day. My husband has been doing some late nights at work, and I’ve just not felt like I’ve had any time to myself on an evening. I don’t really blame him (I did, but I’ve got over that a bit now). I know he has to work, and I know that he works very hard, but so do I and I feel like I don’t get a break. By time I’ve got to work at 8.30 I’ve already done at least 2 hours work (getting the little one to his childminder on time is no easy job!). Then teach 5 lessons, a extra-curricular activity or meeting, a half an hour drive home to pick up the boy. Then I have 2 hours of feeding, playing, bathing and putting to bed. I’m not complaining – really I’m not. I knew what I was signing up for when having a baby, and the school work is fine. But at 7 PM I’d love to sit down, glass of wine in hand while the hubby (who should be home by now) makes tea and gives me a little break. But NO! Not this week. The little one goes to bed, then I start doing the dishes – from the dinner I made the night before, but was too tired to wash-up (and was hoping the cleaning fairy might do for me) – make dinner, hang out the washing that has been in the machine for at least a day (another job for that fairy), put another load in, eat dinner if I have time, iron clothes for tomorrow and have a quick bath. All while trying to plan my lessons for the next day. I crawl in bed just in time to hear the front door go, by husband come in, eat the dinner I’ve cooked for him and have a ‘well-deserved’ sit down in front of the telly.

OK, so he says that he hates working late. He feels horrid because he knows his putting everything on to me. But would it really hurt to do a little washing up when he came in? Or hang out some washing? Am I being unfair or selfish? Probably, but it’s the way I feel, sorry.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, but that is what has been going on in my head this week! We’ve had a good weekend though – more about that in the next few posts!