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My poor little bruiser…

A couple of weeks ago I ended up in A&E with my boy. He fell and hit his hand against the TV table and had a cracking bruise/cut on his head. I wasn’t at the hospital long, and everything was fine, but it gave me a little bit of a panic for a while! Yesterday I turn up to the childminders and as I walk through the door she turns to me and says “don’t panic, but he’s had a little accident”. When a sentance starts with “don’t panic” what is the first thing you do? PANIC!!! I scan the room to look for him, he hears my voice, turns to look at me and I see a huge cut on his face – massive, blood everywhere, bruises all over his face! Obviously, this was what I saw, not what was actually there! He actually had a small cut just by his eye. He was happily playing, smile on his face and the accident had not bothered him in the slightest! It made me feel bad though. I hadn’t been there when he’d hurt himself, I felt like a bad mum! The worst!


His poor little face, greeny blue bruise on his forehead from last week and his cut on his eye from yesterday, he looks like a proper little boxer – all this and he’s not even walking yet – that’s when the fun starts, people tell me!!!


Back to work

So, last Wednesday I went back to work. I was nervous, anxious but a little bit excited (but didn’t really want to admit that!) It all went fine! In fact, I actually enjoyed it, and so did the boy.

I asked my husband if he would go to work a little bit late so he could come to the childminders with me. Good job he did, he pretty much had to prise the little one out of my arms to hand him over to the childminder. I got back in the car and the tears started (I really hand to fight not to start crying in front of the boy). I had a good cry, wiped the mascara from under my eyes, and set off. By time I dropped mu hubby off at the train station it almost felt like it was all back to how it had been before the boy had arrived! Had I really had a baby, had I really been off work for over 9 months? I got to school, walked in to the staff room (which has changed massively, much to my disgust!) got a cup of tea, and I was completely ready to start the working day! Boo!

The only time I really struggled was when I sat down for my lunch. I started to panic. Had he had his nap OK, would he be eating his lunch I’d sent with him, was he missing me? A quick call to the childminder to find out the answers: Yes, yes and – unfortunately – no.

By time I got back from work I really had started to miss him very badly – the half an hour drive home seemed to go on forever. His reaction when he saw me was well worth the torture on the drive home. He gave me the biggest smile, and scrambled to give me a hug. He hadn’t cried all day “is he usually like that” asked the childminder. “YES” I replied with immense pride.

Although I was shattered by time we both got home I had the best few hours with him before putting him to bed. We played, sang, laughed, had a bath together. It was fab. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed myself with him that much for quite a while! Fantastic! He went to bed without any problems – I think he’d worn himself out playing all day – and slept all night. Wonderful.

Thursday was easier to drop him off – he seemed really excited as we walked to the front door, he obviously knew where he was going.

Unfortunately (thanks to the joy of training days) I’ve not actually taught a lesson yet since being back – I think I may have forgotten how! Will let you know how that goes! First one tomorrow!

I’m so glad I’ve decided to go back to work. I think it’s going to be great for both of us. The boy is going to gain so many social skills, he’s going to make friends and have loads of new experiences. And I get to be me again, not ‘just a mum’, even if it’s just for a few hours, 3 days a week. And if it means that me and the little one have that much fun when we are together, then even better!


For the last few weeks our son has been threatening to crawl. First of all he got up on his hands and knees – I phoned all my family to tell them “he’s nearly crawling”. There he stayed for a week or so. Then he started to rock on his hands and knees. Cue another round of phone calls “honestly, the next day or two!” Then he started to shuffle…BACKWARDS!

Last weekend I started to worry. I wasn’t worried about whether or not he would crawl, I knew he would, when he was good and ready. I was worried that I would miss it! I start back at work next week, and little one starts with the childminder. So after weeks of trying to crawl I started to panic that he would finally move when he was not with me! I then started to think about all the things I might miss. Crawling, walking, talking, using a potty etc etc etc.

Yesterday, however, my boy started to crawl. Right there, in front of me. When I say crawling it’s a bit more like commando crawling, but he is definitely moving – FORWARDS! Today he’s managed to get quicker. He can get from 1 side of a room to the other in a matter of minutes. He can pull the DVD player off the shelf – oopps, that’ll have to move – and can have the toys he wants without having to wait for me to move him there.

It’s made me realise, maybe I will miss some things, but not everything! Maybe I will miss the first step he takes, but if I do, I will still see the next ones. So OK maybe ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’, but it won’t be the end of the world if I do miss some things!