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Where does the time go?

I’m struggling to keep things going! I just about have time to get to work and sort out the little one. I then have to find time to sort out the house. So I apologise for not getting anything written on here for ages. I promise I will try to keep on it better!

Obviously with all that stuff keeping me busy what do I plan for Saturday? A day at a health spa with my Mum. A worthwhile use of my precious time?!? Totally!!! The boy is staying at home with Daddy, so I have a whole day to spend with my Mum. It’ll be great, I can’t wait. It will be a welcome break. And hopefully I’ll get home to a nice clean/tidy house! I can but dream!

I will post soon to tell you all the story of booking my spa day! Got a little stressful at times. But don’t have the time to go in to it all now!


You can now subscribe…

I’m getting a bit more techy. Or I should say my husband is. I have now set up feedburner and you can now subscribe to my blog. If you already have subscribed I would be very grateful if you would do it again via the RSS feed that you can see at the top of my blog. Thanks ever so much.

Boring post, but very important, or so Mr C says…

Too young to share?

Yesterday we went to (one of my) brother’s 30th birthday party. It was down in Esher – Surrey. We packed up the changing bag (and a couple of other bags just in case) full of snacks, clothes, toys etc, hoping to keep the boy entertained not only during the 2 ½ hour journey down, but also during the afternoon.

The journey down was OK. It coincided with his lunchtime nap, so he slept for the first 1 ½ hours, starting to whinge a little as we hit the M25 (not nice at lunchtime on August bank holiday Saturday),  screaming blue murder as we pulled up outside my brothers house. He soon calmed down as we got to the party and he realised how many people there were to smile at.

We got in to the garden and I put the boy down on to a picnic rug. We also put a toy. He seemed happy enough. A little while later another guest came and put her little girl down at the other end of the rug with some of her toys. My boy decided that his toy was now not good enough and proceeded to pull himself to the other end of the rug and take the toy out of the girls hand. Her Mother was gracious about it, and gave her little one something else to play with, which then again led my boy to take it off her. No matter what my little one had to play with it was not as fun as whatever anyone else had. I offered him his favourite things – his talking Woody, Charlie the caterpillar, numerous snacks, his sippy cup – but nothing was good enough.

Is 8 months too early to expect sharing? He doesn’t take these things off other people in a mean way, he just thinks they are more exciting.

I’m hoping he grows out of this sooner rather than later – I don’t think the older children at his new childminders will appreciate having their things taken away from them!

Don’t you just love afternoon naps?

Today was strange. Went to school to pick up the GCSE results (I’m a teacher), and on the way back the little one fell asleep, and had a good 25 minutes. By time we got home he felt refreshed and so didn’t want to go to bed and finish off his lunchtime nap! Instead we had something to eat, played a bit, crawled around the living room, and then by about 2 he was sleepy again. I put him to bed and thought ‘why not’ as I crawled in to my own bed, 30 minutes rest would do me the world of good! Next thing I know it’s 4 PM! Heaven! A good 1 1/2 hours sleep. Both the boy and I felt massively better!

I better not get too used to afternoon naps, I don’t think school will be too impressed if I fall asleep during a lesson next week!!!