My poor little bruiser…

A couple of weeks ago I ended up in A&E with my boy. He fell and hit his hand against the TV table and had a cracking bruise/cut on his head. I wasn’t at the hospital long, and everything was fine, but it gave me a little bit of a panic for a while! Yesterday I turn up to the childminders and as I walk through the door she turns to me and says “don’t panic, but he’s had a little accident”. When a sentance starts with “don’t panic” what is the first thing you do? PANIC!!! I scan the room to look for him, he hears my voice, turns to look at me and I see a huge cut on his face – massive, blood everywhere, bruises all over his face! Obviously, this was what I saw, not what was actually there! He actually had a small cut just by his eye. He was happily playing, smile on his face and the accident had not bothered him in the slightest! It made me feel bad though. I hadn’t been there when he’d hurt himself, I felt like a bad mum! The worst!


His poor little face, greeny blue bruise on his forehead from last week and his cut on his eye from yesterday, he looks like a proper little boxer – all this and he’s not even walking yet – that’s when the fun starts, people tell me!!!


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